One of my first “proper” concerts was in the Wellington Town Hall. As a high school student, I had the opportunity to play with the Wellington Youth Sinfonietta Orchestra. We usually played in churches and halls and practiced in the Adam Concert Room up at the New Zealand School of Music.

The first time I played to thousands of people in an orchestra was at the Town Hall. I was so taken with the acoustics and playing to such a large crowd. As a teenager, the Town Hall felt made you feel like a real life professional musicians. It was a pretty cool feeling.

When we moved to the Michael Fowler Centre, it just didn’t feel the same. The Town Hall acoustics had a special place in my heart—especially when I found out my great-grandmother had once played the organ in the Town Hall. What a connection!”

Ahna Jensen

Image: The Wellington Youth Sinfonietta in rehearsal, courtesy of the Wellington Youth Sinfonietta