It’s a little known fact that my music career started on the stage of the Old Wellington Town Hall, as a 15 year old, when I played third tenor horn in a high school orchestra concert.  My career pretty well ended on the same night when the guest conductor commented that I had plenty of enthusiasm but maybe I should pursue other interests!

In the years that followed there were many other events that I attended at the Old Town Hall: debutante balls, hosting US navy crews, formal dinners, and the Beatles concerts.  Thousands in Wellington, the Region and beyond will have similar warm memories – but these alone are not enough to engender sponsorship.

A solid long-term vision is needed to attract philanthropic support for the national centre of musical excellence.  In this regard, as Chancellor of Victoria University, I’m delighted with the plans of both the Wellington City Council and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, in combination with Victoria University, that underpin this highly significant civic project.

There has been a great deal of interest thus far and I join with everyone else in looking forward to an opening concert; but on this future occasion I shall be in the audience!

Sir Neville Jordan
Chancellor, Victoria University of Wellington